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Sharmell Sullivan-Huffman, better known simply as Sharmell (born November 2, 1974), is a Diva for WWE, under its SmackDown! brand. She is a former member of WCW's Nitro Girls.


World Championship Wrestling (1999-2001)

She joined WCW's Nitro Girls in 1999 as Nitro Girl Storm. She soon left them to became a valet for The Artist called Paisley. She feuded with Tammy Lynn Sytch and wrestled her several times. Sullivan was then part of the pop music group Diversity 5 with other former Nitro Girls.

World Wrestling Federation (2001-2002)

When WCW was purchased by Vince McMahon in mid 2001, Sharmell was brought along to be a backstage interviewer for the WWF (now WWE). She was later sent to the WWF's developmental territory, Ohio Valley Wrestling. Sharmell suffered an injury in April 2002 that took her off TV for a long time. She was eventually released in August 2002.

Sharmell's Return (2005)

Sharmell Sullivan married wrestler Booker T in February 2005. She returned to WWE television's SmackDown! brand alongside her husband in April 2005. They immediately got into a feud with Kurt Angle, where Angle called Sharmell a "gutter slut" and started stalking her, claiming that's what he liked. The feud ended when Booker T beat Angle at Judgement Day 2005. Afterward Angle tried to handcuff Sharmell to the ring, but Booker T stopped him and handcuffed him instead. Angle got beaten by Booker, then slapped repeatedly by Sharmell, who finished by kicking Angle in the genitals.

On an episode of SmackDown! airing August 4, 2005, Sharmell accompanied Booker T and his tag-team parter, Chris Benoit, for their match against MNM (Joey Mercury, Johnny Nitro, and Melina Perez). During the match, Melina tried to interfere and Sharmell stopped her. Sharmell was then attacked by MNM's "fixer," Jillian Hall, and Melina got away.


  • Height: 57
  • Weight: 125 lbs
  • Hometown: Gary, Indiana
  • Trained by: WCW Power Plant, Ohio Valley Wrestling.
  • Professional debut: 1999
  • Previous identities: Nitro Girl Storm, Paisley
  • Finishing/Signature Move(s): Scoop Slam

[ 20 ] [ Comments (7) ]

[ webmaster ] [ 2005-08-18 18:34:29 ]

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